Dr Sam Mathew

Cactus Lifesciences, Medical Affairs

Sam Mathew, RPh, PhD, (MBA), ISMPP CMPP, IMP

With over twenty years of experience in drug development spanning the pharmaceutical industry and academia, Sam has spearheaded the establishment and enhancement of top-tier global medical writing teams for various entities including GBS, CROs, pharmaceutical companies, and writing agencies.

Distinguished by his extensive expertise in both scientific writing (encompassing publications, medical information, and medical communications) and clinical regulatory writing, Sam has assumed a spectrum of roles and responsibilities within the medical writing domain.

His business prowess is evident in his data-centric and results-oriented approach, which has been instrumental in his enduring success. Sam ardently champions diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), patient-centricity, and the integration of digital, AI, and automation technologies to drive business achievements.

As an active member of several professional associations, where he holds executive positions, Sam collaborates closely with peers to address industry-wide challenges. These endeavors range from pioneering the development of decision-support tools for authorship to publishing seminal works on AI technologies in medical writing. Moreover, he actively explores avenues to streamline conventional peer review processes and assesses the impact of clinical transparency regulations on scholarly publishing.

Beyond his professional accolades, Sam’s passion shines through in his holistic approach to both work and life. Motivated by his steadfast commitment to improving patient outcomes, he is dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those he serves.