Transport Options

Travel Information

Please see below the easiest 4 options of travelling from Sydney International Airport to Newcastle. Information on cost, schedules and public transport services are detailed at each section. You can download page as a document here.

Public Transport

The best public transport options are train and tram services. Trains are running from 4am until 8:40pm between Sydney airport and Newcastle every weekday.

You can access all public transport services with a bank card, you do not need to pre-purchase any tickets. Just simply tap your card on the designated terminals when you get on, and tap again when getting off. Master card, Visa and American Express are accepted at all terminals. Please ensure your card is capable of contactless payment. When using a bus, you will find the terminals on the bus itself instead of the stations.

For more information on schedules and fares please visit the Transport NSW website.

To see train schedules and plan your trip please use Transport NSW’s travel planner.

Route Outline:
  1. Sydney International Airport Train Station,
    Take train “T8 City Circle Via Museum” towards Central station.
    Estimated travel time: 10 min
  2. Change trains at Central station
    Take train “Central Coast and Newcastle Line, Newcastle Interchange via Strathfield” You will be travelling on this train till the last stop, Newcastle Interchange.
    Estimated travel time: 2.5 hours
  3. At Newcastle Interchange station, take the Light Rail.
    Get off the Light Rail at “Civic” station if you are staying at the Rydges, get off at “Newcastle Beach” station (last stop) if you are staying at the Novotel.
    Estimated travel time: 5-10 minutes.

Approximate cost for the whole travel – A$ 26.52

Share a hire car

Car rental services are available at the Sydney airport both at the international and domestic arrival terminals. Rental cars may be booked in advance and picked up from the airport upon arrival.

Thrifty, Hetz and Avis car rentals have offices in Newcastle as well, if you chose any of these providers you may rent a car at Sydney airport for a day and drop it off at the Newcastle city office.

To find more information on the location of the rental desks, pick up drop off locations please visit the website of the Sydney Airport or get in touch with one of the service providers directly:

Approximate cost:

Prices below are estimates based on renting a 5 seat small car (for example Suzuki Swift). Fuel charges and other expenses are not included in this estimate.

  • Thrifty ~ A$ 290
  • Hertz ~ A$ 370
  • Avis ~ A$ 290

Chauffeured Car

Chauffeured cars can be arranged ahead of time to transport you between Sydney airport and Newcastle.

Please see below a few companies you can choose from, along with some additional information and estimated price range:

  • Newcastle Connections: Prices are starting at A$ 300 per car (one way).
  • Newcastle Limousines: Prices are starting at A$ 405 per car (one way).
    • You can book either a sedan, for up to 4 people, cost A$405
    • Or a 6 seater van for A$455 per car.
    • For more information please visit the Newcastle Limousines website
  • Hughes Luxury Cars: prices are starting from A$ 550 per car (one way).
    • Up to 3 passenger per car.
    • For more information please visit the Hughes website

Fly from Sydney to Newcastle Airport

Flight options are very limited between Sydney and Newcastle as most travelers opt for the previously listed options. Pelican Airlines offers 1 flight a day currently in the afternoon around 5pm. The flight cost is around 150-300 AUD depending on the amount of luggage and package you choose.

It is recommended to allow at least 2-3 hours after landing to collect your luggage if you are coming from overseas, as you will need to pass through the border check points. If you are arriving at the domestic terminal, please allow at least 1 hour to collect your luggage.

It is also recommended to arrive at the check in desk about 2 hours prior a domestic flight is scheduled to take off, so if you are:

  • Travelling from overseas you should allow at least 4-5 hours between arriving and the next flight.
  • Travelling domestic, you should allow at least 3 hours between the flights.

Once you arrived to Newcastle airport, you can take a taxi to your hotel. Taxis are usually waiting for passengers just outside the arrivals terminal. If you prefer to book your taxi ahead of time, you can book online with 13Cabs. (

A taxi ride from the airport to the city cost around 70-80 AUD.

Rideshare Options

There are many ride share apps and taxis available around Newcastle. You can telephone 13 CABS directly for a taxi, or install the apps Uber, or Didi to book a ride share service.